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Vemas S.r.l.
Via Magellano, 5/C - 20090
Cesano Boscone (MI)
Tel (+39)
Fax (+39)
P.IVA 00953630969

About Us

Vemas was founded in 1988 as a distributor of Swiss machine tools on the Italian market. Few years later, following the crisis of the earlier 90s, Vemas started importing also Swiss precision tools to give its customers a broader service. In 1996, Swiss Oil Italia was founded, a company dedicated to distributing industrial lubricants. Swiss Oil Italia specializes in the whole management of lubricants, from the delivery to the cleaning and maintenance through advanced systems.  

In 2005, the two companies move to the new building in Magellano street and at the beginning of 2006 they merge into a single company. 

Today Vemas S.r.l. ditributes a complete line of products dedicated to the most challenging precision mechanics, for customers who need state of the art solutions and a first class service.

From machine tools to cutting tools, clamping systems, lubricants and filtering systems: from sales and delivery to the integration in the production line, Vemas S.r.l. follows its customers in all the steps he needs to follow to improve his production capabilities and the quality of his work.